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You'll discover “the 7 Laws of Sales.” If you are not where you want to be in your life or your business, Now You Know is designed to take your sales strategy, and your team, to the highest possible level.

Law of the First Impression

The Law of the First Impression coaches entrepreneurs on the right way to think about, and create a first impression that can lead to a business partner. 

Law of the Staying in Control

In short – how you answer questions makes the difference and if this mindset is not taught to your organization – IT WILL NEVER GROW 

The Law of the Take Away 

A thing called posture is the secret, but it must be handled with the simple methods outlined in this chapter.

The Law of the BIG ROCKS

illustrates your game plan in a way you may not have ever thought of. In this classic chapter be prepared to get motivated!

The Law of Expectations

Shares a method that many has tripled many closing ratios almost instantly. Yes- this section is for you!  

The Law of the 80/20 Rule

Ryan takes us through what he has learned working with hundreds of top leaders and how they think about winning in Network Marketing.  

The Law of Urgency 

This law says that the speed at which you pursue your goals and dreams affects everything! How can certain results motivate people and the same results cause some to want to quit? This is a must read for those wanting to be FREE in the next 12-24 months.

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Over the past decade, Ryan has trained some of the top salespeople in the United States by teaching them the information in this book. Now You Know is designed to take your sales strategy—or your team—to the next level.  

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