The Now You Know MiniCourse -Short Form

Discover how to build a LARGE, High Performance Team faster than you ever thought!

.....Building Leverage and Residual Income often comes down to ATTRACTING the right people and building a HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM

My NEW NOW YOU KNOW mini-course is the ultimate way to learn how to Attract and Launch a HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM  

Basically, I pulled a few of my favorite video gems from my LIVE seminar, and the FULL VERSION of NYK-the course, which sells for $697, and guess what?….. …It’s yours for FREE. 

  • In Video 1 I'll show you several keys to BECOMING a SPONSORING MACHING.  
  • In video 2 You discover will give you a major breakthrough on how I've built several HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS that continue to produce year after year  
  • Video 3 is all about HOW TO CREATE MOMENTUM